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Supper Clubs

Supper clubs are not a thing of the past.  They have always been a thing of the present, no matter when you were.  Whether it is a pot luck, a family dinner, or a group of friends, the supper club is what happens when you eat with people you care about or care about getting to know.  

The supper club is credited to Milwaukee native Lawrence Frank in Beverly Hills, CA in the 1920s.  More popped up around the country as an alternative to the exclusive clubs.  They were a place to reprieve from the world; a place to eat, drink, dance, and be merry.  At that time corporate restaurants were not in the forefront of American lifestyles.  In the world today, I know there are corporate conglomerates mixed among mom and pop restaurants and night clubs.   There are more of the everyday eat-outs than the exclusive clubs now.  But that's not what this is about.  This is about what the supper club really is.

The supper club is about quality approachable food with quality approachable people.  Recently, I attended our Taste & Tapas - French Edition as a patron instead of an employee.  I had the opportunity to try wonderful wines paired with fabulous food, but the real takeaways were the conversations I had with my fellow diners.  Meeting people in my backyard and getting to know them triumphed over the meal (though the meal was amazing).  

I learned about the nuances of the wine makers from the fantastic wines, but I also learned about the woman who spoke about the wines we were drinking.  I felt connected to the people at all ends of the table.  Each person had a story to tell and the dinner became the backdrop.  This is what Supper Clubs are about to me.  While the food and the drinks are important, it is nothing without the people.  Whether I ate a lot or not doesn't matter, I went home full.