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Dez's First Blog Post

I like whiskey.  I can't help it, its the best thing on the shelf.  There are so many styles of whiskey with subtle nuances of cherry or cinnamon or buttered toast.  Even tequila is aged in neutralized whiskey barrels these days.  Some new items on the list are the Whistle Pig 10 year rye out of Vermont.  It's the highest rated rye of all time.  The age it sees in the barrel mellows it out to soften the spicy flavors which accompany most ryes.  Currently, I am featuring it in our Million Dollar Manhattan.  ($18)  I pair the Whistle Pig with a special Barolo Sweet Vermouth and Bitter Truth's Jerry Thomas's decanted bitters with notes of cinnamon and Creole Bitters with notes of anise.  It's finished with 2 brandied cheeries from Luxardo.  Pairs perfectly with charcuterie or our brie grilled cheese with red onion marmalade.